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Dr Prapta and Stephanie H

I’ve been wearing glasses for 47 years (since I was a little boy), so I have a reasonable amount of experience with optical shops. To me there are two important factors: the doctor who checks your eyes and refracts you, and the professional who helps you select glasses, fits you, handles the ordering, etc. For me those two people at Dr Prapta and Stephanie Holden. I can say without reservation that each is the very best I have ever experienced in my life. Dr Prapta’s process of determining your prescription is careful, clear, easy to understand and gives you confidence that you are getting the very best lenses possible for your eyes. It’s a great experience. Stephanie Holden has been helping me choose glasses for many years. I have trouble deciding on frames every year and she often already knows what to show me. She explains why certain shapes of frames are good or not for me. She only sees me once a year but knows me and treats me like I’m important and the decision matters. Once she helped out a family member from out of town who wasn’t even going to buy anything from her. I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else. I really like both of them.

- Andy